3 secrets of the crema in your Moka coffee


Moka is one of the most common pots used in Italy when people have a coffee at home. What people call “espresso” in the rest of the world, is just called “caffè” (coffee) in Italy. Usually people ask a simple question:

“My moka seems to only make an espresso-like coffee but it doesn’t have any cream on the top. Why?”

1st secret: Moka is not espresso.

Moka can’t make espresso coffee. Espresso can only be made by a proper coffee machine like the one you find in a coffee shop/bar or like a coffee machine you have bought for domestic use.

The coffee beans and their overall way of being grinded is very important but if you don’t use a high-pressure machine for coffee then you can’t call it an espresso.

2nd secret: Italians make a sugar cream

The result is that some Italians reproduce a cream with sugar. Above all in the south of Italy, when people drink coffee with a higher percentage of Robusta, the coffee is drank with sugar or some hazelnut cream.

Here we are talking about sugar cream (not the hazelnut one), and the result is something similar to the second picture: a cream to put into your cup to make your coffee creamy and sweet.

3rd secret: How you can make crema for coffee.


Do you want to make an original Italian-style coffee crema? This is very easy: while the moka pot is on the fire, put some sugar in a coffee cup.  When some coffee comes out of the moka pot, put some drops of the “first” coffee in your sugar and stir with a teaspoon (very fast) until it’s like a yellowish cream. Afterwards put it in your cup of coffee. That’s all.