Robot replaces baristas. Is this the future?

The price of a cup of coffee is about 3$ and customers buy a ticket at a vending machine. So far, no news. The surprise comes when a robot barista makes your coffee.

It happens in Tokyo’s Shibuya district, at Henn-na Cafe: the robot welcomes the customer through an attached screen that shows facial expressions and asks if you want a delicious coffee and then it processes the order by scanning the QR code on the ticket.

The robot can perform the processing steps of filtered coffee preparation in between 3 to 4 minutes from the moment in which  the cup of coffee is being prepared to the moment in which it is served to the customer, and it is also able to discard the coffee beans and clean the filters.

Is this the #future? Could you drink a coffee made by a #robot? What do you think about?