6 Things That Could Be Ruining Your Morning Coffee

Have you ever been thrilled to have your morning coffee and start your day off nicely but when you finally took the first sip the taste was dreadful? Well, most of us had at least one bad coffee experience in our lives.

Hopefully, after this article every business will be able to eliminate the most common causes of bad coffee and start their mornings with a great tasting beverage. One surefire way to ensure your coffee is always at its best is by investing in high quality coffee machines.

Without further ado, here are the 6 things that could be ruining your morning coffee.

1. Freshness

Improperly storing your coffee beans is the first thing you should watch out for. Keeping your coffee beans in an airtight container in a dry cool place can prolong the freshness of your coffee beans significantly. However, keep in mind, the next time purchase coffee beans, that in order to ensure the best coffee experience you should use all your coffee beans within two weeks of roasting. So, always check for the roasting date on the packaging to make sure you’re getting the freshest beans.

2. Improperly Roasted Beans

Unfortunately, this can happen to all of us, and you cannot really do anything about it apart from carefully choosing a reliable brand. Generally, high-quality brands don’t have this problem, but that doesn’t mean cheaper options must be improperly roasted. The best thing you can do is to simply try out some brands and stick to whichever you like the most.

3. Dirtiness

If you have coffee machines in your office or restaurant you probably care about the maintenance of them. However, cleaning coffee machines seem to be less obvious for some companies. Unfortunately, if your coffee machine is not properly cleaned on a regular basis, you can soon realise that your wonderful morning coffee experience is slowly changing into bad tasting warm mush.

4. Boiling Water

As a general rule, to have the best coffee experience the water should ideally be somewhere between 92 and 96 degrees Celsius. Of course, you don’t have to use a thermometer everytime you want to drink coffee. Simply wait thirty seconds or a minute after boiling the water, and only then pour it on your coffee. It may seem like a little detail but doing so will start off your day with a better cup of coffee.

5. Too Much Water

Although it may not be relevant for all coffee drinkers, for those who are deeply in love with ice coffee this will definitely mean a lot. I believe all ice coffee drinkers experience similar situations when they brew a perfectly tasty cup of coffee but after they’ve add ice cubes realise that their once lovely coffee now tastes watery. An easy solution for this could be if you create coffee cubes in the freezer instead of ice cubes. Simply pour coffee in an ice cube tray and put that in the freezer just like you would do with regular ice cubes.

6. Bad Quality Water

The last thing may be the least familiar thing for those of us that aren’t baristas. And that is the quality of water. Having too much calcium in your water can easily ruin all the flavours and great taste of your coffee, regardless if all the other things are measured out perfectly. Try to keep this in mind if you are aiming for a great tasting coffee. Better to use bottled water if your tap water is high in calcium.