Where are the most coffee drinkers in the world?

most coffee drinkers

Does coffee love mean coffee consumption? Not always.

There are some countries that have coffee in their culture, tradition and industry, and others that are high consumers.

So what is the number one country for consumption?

Have you guessed? Turkey? Italy? USA? Australia? Well, the top country in the world is Finland with 12kg per person per year, (according to stats from the International Coffee Organization – ICO).

Its neighbours Norway (9,9 kg), Iceland (9), Denmark (8,7) and Sweden (8,2 kg) also make the top 10. So Northern Europe wins the list. Canada (at the 10th position with 6,2) wins over the USA (no appearance in the top 20), Italy is in 13th position with 5,8 kg and Cyprus (4,8 kg) beats Turkey.

Which are the countries with the strongest coffee culture?

On the other hand, some countries have a strong coffee culture:

  • Australia has developed an obsession with quality coffee because of their distance from the rest of the world.
  • Costa Rica is still rich with coffee farms and plantations. Many Costa Ricans working the fields are content that their way of life provides them with pure, Arabica nourishment every single day.
  • People in the United Kingdom are becoming more curious about the industry, even thinking that becoming a barista is a strategic career move. The British and Irish markets have seen continued growth within the industry over the last 15 years and have no signs of slowing down.
  • Italy is the country of espresso, cappuccino and a strong culture for strong coffee.
  • Having Turkishcoffee is different because it isn’t served in the morning for breakfast, but rather after dinner, like a dessert. Preparing Turkish coffee is also a unique part of the coffee experience.
  • The Swedish take their “fika” (break) very seriously, spending hours lounging, talking, and eating a kannelbulle while sipping coffee.