A good espresso, an excellent occasion to meet and socialize

Milano Coffee FestivalStarting with the assumption that a good espresso is always an excellent occasion to meet and socialize, Milano Coffee Festival goes beyond the traditional ritual of the much-loved beverage, inviting the great public to deepen origins and secrets. A real coffee experience is indeed what is waiting for consumers and enthusiasts, coffee roasters, machines producers and sector’s operators from  19th to 21st May 2018 at BASE of via Tortona, in occasion of the first great Italian  event fully dedicated to coffee.

Milano Coffee Festival proposes an innovative and enchanting way to celebrate coffee, starting from espresso to discover then this beverage in all its variations, going along with visitors in the journey beginning in the faraway plantations of Producing Countries, to reach in the end to one of the most appreciated consumer good in the world, thanks to an Italian touch of class.

During the expected event, espresso won’t not only be good to be drunk, but also interesting to know and fascinating to discover, thanks to a rich activities program, that will enliven the three days: educational, tasting, labs, expositions and in-depth meetings, thought to involve the visitor in a unique experience.

Among the scheduled appointments, the sensorial taste, to learn the first important basics to distinguish a quality espresso in order to become an expert. The tasting experience will go on with Brazilian Cupping: taste, smell and colour, the differences between different coffees are very subtle and to be a cup taster you must be well trained; the current Italian champion, Helena Oliviero, will lead the public in this engaging path of taste knowledge.

The perfect Espresso will be instead an educational ideal to know all the secrets useful for an excellent espresso, starting from some simple but essential rules. With La Latte Art, cappuccino becomes an art work and the barman a real artist, ready to reveal the tricks of the trade to transform breakfast into a real masterpiece, moreover Latte Art Specialist will be the thematic in-depth analysis reserved to operators and dedicated to the perfect cappuccino, presented by Luigi Lupi, leading figure of the very popular Latte Art.

Going on with the unmissable How to brew a coffee? Ideal occasion to discover the variety of the alternative methods to espresso in the coffee preparation, with a practical gaze on the world of filtering: from V60, Aeropress, Chemex and Clever Dripper to the cold brew.

Thanks to Coffee in Good Spirits occasions to enjoy original matches won’t be missed: with the section Happy Hour, new aperitif trends will meet quality coffee for a perfect combination between coffee based cocktails and appetizers, while with the section Special Night mixology art will marry coffee bar, teaching to treat coffee, to extract it to match it to the right spirit, for an interesting full immersion in the world of drink and coffee.

Open to all visitors also the lab Barista 2.0: a multimedia training 360 degrees on the barman profession, in a unique and captivating experience 2.0; an evolution going through espresso knowledge, together with the Italian in office champion Davide Cavaglieri.

Saturday 19th and Sunday 20th  Milano Coffee Festival will be open free to all visitors, whereas Monday 21st the free entrance will be reserved to the sector operators. Some specific appointments are dedicated to them, such as Coffee analysis inside Coffee Roasting Business  is the educational bringing under the spotlights a system amply used by the latter to define, through the physical-visual and sensorial analysis, the purchase value of the roasted coffee. Quality Espresso: the extraction is an ideal detailed study to know all features and values of a coffee and to learn to prepare and offer an impeccable espresso. Moreover, those who have the long cherished dream to Open a Coffee Shop in Italy can follow the educational of Chiara Bergonzi, vice world champion of Latte Art, and take some notes on how to open a high quality coffee shop and become successful entrepreneur.

To complete the coffee experience a wide expositive-commercial space dedicated to coffee roasting business and to the different enterprises composing the well-structured production chain and the evocative area dedicated to the origins and the sustainability of the fascinating raw material, where the main Producing Countries  will show uses, costumes and traditions of the respective lands. There will also be spaces and recreational and educational activities dedicated to children in the specific  Area Kids  where learning while amusing, all the secrets for a healthy and correct nutrition.

Many the appointments animating the Auditorium of the Festival where authors with themed books will alternate – in the framework of Literary Café – showing, assignment of prestigious recognitions and captivating special events curated by sponsors and partners.

Among these, the partnership with MuMAC, Museum for the coffee machine one of the most structured and complete in the world, that will take the shape of a real expositive space: an enchanting journey in the story, dedicated to technology, design and culture of espresso coffee  bar machine.

Milano Coffee Festival will be a unique opportunity to discover the multi-colored coffee world and also an unmissable occasion for companies and experts of the sector to build a net and to show off.